HANDi Maternity App launched at Musgrove Park


March 29, 2017

Building on the success of HANDi Paediatric in the South West, Technical Health is pleased to announce the launch of the HANDi Maternity App at Musgrove Park Maternity Unit in Taunton.

HANDi Maternity has been developed by the maternity team at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton and is provided free for all women having their baby at the unit. This innovation was created in response to patients requesting easy access to the right local maternity information at the right time throughout their pregnancy journey.

The app provides a wealth of information relevant to women thinking about having a baby, during pregnancy and labour, and supporting baby in the early weeks of life. This includes a suite of videos throughout the chapters, a video tour of the department, national and local information leaflets and useful telephone numbers for contacting the unit and booking appointments. There is even a My Appointments section allowing the user to keep a record of all upcoming scans and midwife clinic appointments.

Providing the right information at the right moment along a healthcare pathway is a powerful way to help patients make better informed decisions about their care and raises standards across our health service. HANDi Maternity aims to do this and as well as supporting the patient it creates new efficiencies of practice, for example Musgrove Maternity unit estimate they spend around £12k a year on printing leaflets and so providing this content digitally, free and with an easy way to keep it all up-to-date through our content management system saves the department time and money.

Technical Health continue to successfully implement and support the creation of digital solutions for the NHS and has delivered Maternity as the next HANDI app in the series providing expert local advice and support for women having their baby at Musgrove Park.

Download HANDi Maternity for iPhone

Download HANDi Maternity for android

If you would like any further information or HANDi Maternity in your region please do get in contact with us here