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HANDi Paediatric

February 29, 2016

New medical apps appear on the app stores every week but a good proportion of them don’t seem to last beyond the first update. So what does a successful medical app look like and are there any that are really making a difference on the front line of healthcare? Well, HANDi Paediatric is fast becoming an emerging success and is a fantastic example of how the potential of mobile technology really can make a difference to the delivery of specialist advice both within primary and secondary care.

HANDi Paediatric has been developed by a team of consultant paediatricians at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton and is designed to provide specialist advice to both parents and medical professionals looking after children with the six most common childhood illnesses. HANDi was originally designed for Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust but has now successfully been adopted across Devon and in Bristol.

On first opening the app the user is prompted to download a version of the app providing advice specific to their local area and NHS trust. Once this information has been downloaded to the user’s device they arrive at a home page where they can select advice as a parent, as a medical professional in the community or as a healthcare professional working within the hospital. The HANDi app then guides the user through pathways providing the best support for the child related to the six most common childhood conditions:

  1. Diarrhoea and vomiting
  2. High Temperature
  3. Chestiness
  4. Newborn problems
  5. Tummy pain

The guidance is provided for both healthcare professionals in the community and in Hospital and has been developed using a traffic light system that guides professionals to the most appropriate healthcare advice, support or referral for an individual child. These integrated guidelines should help parents/carers feel that they are getting consistent advice wherever and whenever their child is seen.

The app is really easy to use. The structure is intuitive and the pathways user-friendly. The design and colour palette help to make the app user friendly.

HANDi Paediatric is built on a powerful content management system (CMS) designed for digital solutions in healthcare which allows the content to be governed and tweaked specifically to the services and requirements of each individual NHS Trust. Using this secure system allows the Trusts to make changes to the content without having to resubmit the app through the App stores. This native app CMS means changes to services and guidelines within the app can be updated instantly and are then immediately updated to the end users device the next time they open the app. This of course ensures the user always has the most up to date information. For more information see the power of live content management.

To download HANDi for free, please use the following links:

For those with an Android phone please either click - or alternatively search for HANDi Taunton on the Google Play Store.

For those with an iPhone please either click - or alternatively search for HANDi Taunton on the Apple App Store.