Digital Health and the power of Live Content Management

Live App Content Management

September 08, 2015

Evidence is the force behind improving and changing practice in medicine and surgery and keeping healthcare professionals up-to-date is the challenge it brings to all specialities and healthcare systems. The British National Formulary (BNF) is one very good example of how this can be done. The first edition was published in 1949 and since 1981 a new edition has been published every 6 months, each one bringing together authoritative and independent guidance on best practice with clinically validated drug information (1). But more recently, the BNF (2) has acquired the power of mobile and its new app developed by NICE is available on iOS and Android with formulary information now updated every month. The pervasive nature of mobile in our society and a growing confidence that digital can govern such important information now allows Doctors to have the complete BNF at their fingertips, making decisions with the most up to date information.

This same challenge applies to a whole variety of medical and healthcare related guidelines, formularies and pathways which are used in many different departments and in some cases form clinical decision tools. Building mobile apps to serve the information governance needs in healthcare is challenging. There are vast numbers of different mobile devices on the market all with different capabilities and screen sizes and all which have to be catered for. Every time a change to the app content needs to be made, the work has to be scheduled with professional developers and then re-published through the app stores – this takes time, money and usually means that the content is almost always out of date.

At Technical Health we have responded to this problem by building a fully bespoke mobile app content management system which serves to overcomes all these issues.

Imagine logging on to a website app dashboard where you can make any change to your mobile app content 24/7 with different levels of access and editing rights for your team. These changes are then instantly pushed out across your entire app user group. Users download your department or guidelines app once on to almost any device phone or tablet. They’ll then be able to use the app offline anywhere in the world and when they have an Internet connection they automatically get the latest content updates you’ve published!

Download our content managed app brochure for more information here.

We are focused on improving access to information for both patients and healthcare workers at Technical Health and understand the governance issues of healthcare and the challenge of integration. Contact us today to understand how our CMS would help to serve your department requirements.


  1. The History of the BNF, Lisa Britton. The Pharmaceutical Journal 21 Aug 2009.